8 Different Ways To Model Your Business's Growth

If you run an existing small business or want to introduce sustainable business growth to your startup, then the subject of growth modeling is especially relevant to you.

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As a startup, what is the most ideal model for business growth?

How do I decide if its time to change the model that I am using for my business growth?

Using a combination of multiple growth strategies can be fruitful for a company depending upon their size. A startup is a newly founded company that consists of 1 to 10 employees. The priority of a startup is to validate its own business model and, in the process of validation, product development plays a huge role. At this stage, be clear on what the end result should be and try to avoid changes in the process. Plan ahead as much as possible. You can read more here about the priorities of growing or scaling depending on the size of a company.

For when to change the model for business growth, look into the follow factors:

  • Market is changing and a business has to keep up with it.
  • Not making enough money
  • If you feel your business cannot scale because it’s stuck, but want to grow.