About the Startup Partners category

The Crowdbotics team, community members, and partners are available in the Startup-Partners discussion category to answer questions related to startup product development:

  • Architecture and Tech Stack
  • User Experience (UX)
  • Wireframing, UI, and Design
  • Product Planning
  • Marketing, Sales, and Growth
  • And beyond

The number one challenge for many startups is getting quality products to market fast. The Crowdbotics Startup Partner program is designed specifically for startups that need fast, scalable, reliable, and affordable development resources.

This category is open to everyone: participating CB Startup Partner companies and beyond.

Eligible businesses and individuals can apply for the Crowdbotics Startup Partners discount here.

The Crowdbotics Startup Partners program exists for incubators, venture capital, graduate programs, and similar organizations to help their affiliated startups grow by giving them access to fast, high-quality development resources at a startup-friendly cost.

Interested in your organization partnering with Crowdbotics? Email William Wickey, VP of Growth: william [at] crowdbotics [dot] com.