All Blank Screens Deleted When I Remove One Screen

I am using the layout editor to build my screens. I have been working thus far with no issues.

Today I decided to delete one of the screens using the “remove” button. It then disappeared and I saved my work. Then, when I refreshed, all of the screens I had created from scratch (blank screens) had disappeared. I went into App Activity on the Status tab and it said that “blueprint-react-native-blank-screen” had been removed. Seems like the entire blank screen library has been deleted.

Not sure how to revert this.

This is a known issue and is being investigated.

Sorry to hear that! We can help restore your work from backups in the worst case, and roll back your app to its previous step.

Hello, @shilpa.s!
We identified the issue and the problem itself for deleted modules/screens is going to go live soon, and any new modules you create won’t be removed randomly like that again. We apologize for that.
However, for the already deleted modules, we are working in rolling back your app’s state

We have restored previously deleted modules back into your app now. The fix for this issue should also go live soon.