Android & IOS Builds Issue

Project: Javagram (

We are experiencing strange issue as deployment fails. After reviewing the logs of both Android and IOS we found that it has asked for fastlane to get updates and Android has some invalid keyword “_” usage in “Task :app:mergeReleaseResources FAILED” . I am not been able to reproduce these issue on my local machine, it is working perfectly fine for both Android and iOS releases.

Hi @anand / @danielsousaio

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Attach log files

@Crowdbotics_Dan or @raviitsoft any ideas?

Can you again attach logs? I can’t see any logs details @usama.ayaz

Android Logs -

IOS Logs -


Please do needful

cc @anand

@raviitsoft / @usama.ayaz,

Any luck on build issue ?

Nopes, I am still waiting for @raviitsoft to review it and share his thoughts about it.

@anand/ @whitney3,
can someone from tech team take a lead on this and discuss issue with @usama.ayaz.

@anand/ @whitney3,
can someone from tech team take a lead on this and discuss issue with @usama.ayaz.

@ankit I also could not reproduce android build error on my local.
Error: _ is not a valid resource name

Looking at android/app/build/generated/res/resValues/release/values/generated.xml , seems that the issue is likely this key

May I suggest you to remove _ in javagram_16641 in .env file? and, try it again

@usama.ayaz Please do the changes suggested by @tony

@usama.ayaz Any update on this? any further support required from tech support team?

It didn’t work @tony, I have changed the environment variable so that it gets resolved.

Just build locally and send the build up to the emulator directly. Don’t worry about the upstream deploy and build failing.


@usama.ayaz as we discussed on slack, the build should be deployed already to Testflight with Transporter tool or xcode tool, right?

@tony yeah i am using xcode tool for build upload and it works.

Yeah sure, We will resolve after completing the rest of the features.