Apple Pay with Stripe integration in React Native

Priority: High
Request: Currently using react-native-apay but there are two issues with that library. But there are 2 big issues with that library. No stripe subscription support and it doesn’t show the existing cards connected to the Apple ID. On the other hand, react-native-payments library which seems to have stripe add-on doesn’t work and seems the lib is dead. So any better recommendations or solutions will be appreciated!
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@raviitsoft WDYT?

Given new Apple Pay requirements, I will suggest @john update our guide on payments as well.

Accept Apple Pay in your iOS app

Stripe’s iOS SDK makes it easy to accept both Apple Pay and regular credit card payments. Before you start, you’ll need to be enrolled in the Apple Developer Program and set up Stripe on your server and in your app. Next, follow these steps:

  1. Register for an Apple Merchant ID
  2. Create a new Apple Pay certificate
  3. Integrate with Xcode
  4. Check if Apple Pay is supported
  5. Create the payment request
  6. Present the payment sheet
  7. Submit the payment to Stripe

@raviitsoft Thanks for your reply! So there is no React Native lib supporting this and it needs to be done on native ios side?

Can you try this package : for React Native @elinahovakimyan