Attach S3 and Reset Staging Backend Database

Priority: Normal
Project Name: Mixxia
Project Dashboard:
PM: @vlastimir

I tried to delete everything from the Django admin panel but I am not able to delete some database tables. I would like you to reset the database of the staging backend and attach Amazon S3.

Is this the project you are talking about?

I can’t seem to find Mixxia also, after deployment, did you add the AWS credentials for environment vars?

Hi @samuel.kungu, yes this is the project. We didn’t add AWS credentials in the environment variables. Do we need to manually add them for the staging server?

You can add the credentials from CB dashboard. I’ll go ahead and reset your db.
Update: Done

You need to add the creds the enable s3 on the dashboard under settingsconnected services. NOTE! You must have deployed your app.