Backend deployment fails - Error building infrastructure

App link -

Details of error:
Error building infrastructure: b"\nError: Error retrieving build: Get Couldn't find that app.\n\n\n\nError: Error retrieving pipeline: Get Not found.\n\n\n\nError: Get Not found.\n\n\n\nError: Error retrieving domain: Get Couldn't find that app.\n\n\n"

Hi @daniil.zubach, thanks for posting!

Sorry to hear you’ve had a problem deploying your app. I’ve refreshed the platform status and deployed the backend for you. Deploys should work as usual going forward, but it looks like there is a build error; you can view a detailed log on your CB Dashboard.

Happy coding!

Hi @dmitrii.k, thank you for your support.

The previous issue was resolved, but now it seems that the pip can not install newer versions of some packages! I already downgraded ipython and now it asks to downgrade another one, refer to this logs

Do you have any idea about that?
thank you in advance!

Hi @mohamed.youssef, you are most welcome :raised_hands:

Try regenerating your Pipfile.lock - you’ll find the instructions on how to do that in your project’s README Section 3 of Docker Setup. I encourage you to use pipenv to manage your project’s dependencies - this will ensure your Pipfile.lock stays up to date.

Hi @dmitrii.k thank a lot. we actually were using requirements.txt for this project and after the package downgrade it deployed successfully. But we found out that our DB was lost! Is the first issue has something to do with that? Can we retrieve it back? and please share with me any related info

thanks for the support

Hi @mohamed.youssef. Some apps had gotten rebuilt this week due to an incident with our infrastructure, and those that had only test data were given fresh databases (those with production data had their databases recovered from backups). To the best of my knowledge, your app only had test data, was this the case? Are you able to regenerate it?

Hi @dmitrii.k, gotcha. Yeah it was test data, we will be able to generate it again. thank a lot)

Hi @mohamed.youssef. I apologise for any inconvenience.

Let me know if I can do anything else for you.

Happy coding!