domain removed – how do I bring it back?

I need to add the * domain to the app again. I removed it while trying to add a custom domain from CB dashboard.
Project ID: 311

@dmitrii.k Can you help? Thanks.

However, @kalpit I do not think you can have both a Botics domain and a custom domain – it’s one or the other.

Sure, let me look into this.

It appears that somewhere between unsuccessful addition of custom domain and automatic reset to the default CB domain the actual CNAME target was refreshed on Heroku side, but not on CloudFlare. I’ve removed the old record and added a new one. There will be some delay due to DNS propagation before the domain starts working but it should now be fixed.

I’ll monitor and post here once it’s verified to be working.

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@kalpit, if you are using CloudFlare, Google, or OpenDNS - is already available and working.

If you’re using a different DNS provider it may still take some time, here’s a tool to track propagation: DNS Checker.

Thanks @dmitrii.k! It’s working now.

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You are always welcome, @kalpit!