Can I upgrade xcode version mentioned in .circleci/config.yml

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Request: Can I upgrade xcode version mentioned in .circleci/config.yml
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Recently I implemented apple login and after deployment the fastlane is failing for IOS build logs are showing this:

[08:25:21]: ▸ ❌  /Users/distiller/build/node_modules/@invertase/react-native-apple-authentication/ios/RNAppleAuthentication/RNAppleAuthButtonViewManager.m:136:18: use of undeclared identifier 'ASAuthorizationAppleIDButtonTypeSignUp'; did you mean 'ASAuthorizationAppleIDButtonTypeSignIn'?
[08:25:21]: ▸           type = ASAuthorizationAppleIDButtonTypeSignUp;

Looking into the issue looks like the issue is due to the Xcode version defined in circleCI configs being lower.

My question here is that can I upgrade that number to a newer Xcode version in the configs or upgrading it is not as simple as just changing the number in configs?

NOTE: I am able to generate IPAs and push to testflight just fine since I have newer xcode locally.

what is the version of use in .circleci/config.yml?

      xcode: "11.5.0" 

you can find these tags in .circleci/config.yml? and change the versions for Xcode.

currently my configs are at this:

      xcode: "11.1.0"
    working_directory: ~/build

I just wanted to know upgrading this only affects this project and not others. I am not very familiar with the CI implemented here. Is it building for every project individually or some shared remote server generating builds which is configured with a specific xcode version?

Each project’s configuration is separate. You can change the xcode version to any supported by CircleCI as listed here: