CB platform in 2019

I want to understand. How do you guys like to shape CB platform in 2019?

What kind of changes and update we should expect reganding the platform and what in there for CB community?

Hi Guarav,

We will be adding a wide variety of features to the Crowdbotics platform in the coming year including many more application templates, team collaboration tools, integrations with other development platforms, and more.

We highlight interesting and cool new features on the Crowdbotics blog. Release notes are available in the help center.

We’re also watching this forum closely for feature suggestions. Crowdbotics has a big picture vision, but we’re listening to our users and contributors to help steer our near-term product roadmap.

Anyone can post feature suggestions in the General discussion category on this forum – or in a relevant category such as NodeJS or Djangowith the tag “[feature sugguestion]” in the title.

This discussion forum is the fastest way to communicate directly with Crowdbotics engineering team and platform contributors.

We’ll keep everyone posted on features specifics as they near release.