Change backend to support Video Streaming

We are working on an app which records and display videos, it is like a TikTok app. The current backend setup uses AWS and is taking a lot of load time each video took few minutes to load.

What is the suggested way from crowdbotics engineers to change the backend for video streaming support?

AppID: 15391

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Thanks in advance.

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I would suggest using a third-party service for video streaming, such as Live Streaming | AWS Solutions.

Video streaming is a multi-faceted topic and relying on a proven platform will help you focus on the core functionality of your app, instead of diving deep into all of the intricacies of the streaming process.

If you are not already using it, I would also suggest something like AWS Elemental MediaConvert for video transcoding.

We can provide access to both services as part of the Crowdbotics infrastructure.

@dmitrii.k could you provide us the aws credential, we are adding aws video transcoding to the app.

Hi @shabeeb!

Which service choice have you settled on? You might benefit from reading this thread - Video transcoding - #4 by radac

the services needed
AWS CloudFront,
AWS eleastic encoder,
Aws s3,
Aws sns,
Aws cloudformation

@dmitrii.k can you assist here ?

the services needed
AWS CloudFront,
AWS Elemental MediaConvert,
Aws s3,
Aws sns,
Aws cloudformation

@dmitrii.k for your kind support please cc: @shabeeb

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Hello, @shabeeb,

MediaConvert had been enabled for your account. Additional env vars introduced:


Could you please clarify what exactly you need in terms of S3, SNS, Lambda, CloudFormation and CloudFront? So, I could create the necessary resources for you.

@dmitrii.k i also need to test it locally, how i will implement without having access of aws, can you create the account for aws for me with these permissions?

Can you also share the keys personally so, i can use them in locally test ? @dmitrii.k