Chrome extension on staging server is not working

Priority: High
Project: Ex-curator-18446
project Link:
Request: The chrome extension is running fine from our end on your production URL, but it is not working on your Heroku staging server. So this is the issue of your server reason being CORS error. So you kindly solve this issue then our code would be working fine.
while loading extension in chrome it shows following error:
Refused to connect to ‘’ because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive


Please look into this ,we are blocked to release staging build to client , @farzpal.singh (Developer) shared detail in slack group

cc @anand

CORS is controlled by the app itself. If you need to support additional domains you’ll have to modify the app to do so.

Hi @ankit and @farzpal.singh. You might find the following useful - django-cors-headers · PyPI.

Happy coding!

@farzpal.singh can you share current status here. whats the exact blocker now, call has been setup with @raviitsoft

@farzpal.singh what are chances of perk feature will not break the Post feature if we will push the backend code directly to production and point the Extension build to production url for testing of Perk feature. Bit risky approach.

cc @igor/ @anand