Deploy "Serverless Image Handler" AWS Solution

Priority: Normal
Deploy the following AWS solution for Mixxia App:

Project ID: 17118
Project Link:
Staging Link:
Additional Info: Please deploy the " Serverless Image Handler" AWS solution and set the value of the “ApiEndpoint” output (excluding the https protocol i.e. to the AWS_S3_CUSTOM_DOMAIN environment variable.

CC: @vlastimir

Hello, @awais.khan, thanks for writing in!

This has now been configured for you.

Hi @dmitrii.k, the location of the server for this app was changed to Bahrain last week and the images uploaded to S3 are not accessible now. Please check the following link for the error.

I guess the issue is that the environment variables requested in this ticket are not appearing on the App Dashboard.

Following environment variables are missing:

cc: @vlastimir

Hi @awais.khan, thanks for posting.

I’ve updated your image handler configuration to reference the new bucket in Bahrain.

Please let me know if you’re now able to use it as before.

Hi @dmitrii.k, I am still having the issue. This time it’s a different error than the previous one.

{"status":500,"code":"IllegalLocationConstraintException","message":"The me-south-1 location constraint is incompatible for the region specific endpoint this request was sent to."}

I am also not able to see the environmental variables related to S3.

@awais.khan, I’m sorry to hear that.

I think completely re-deploying the image handler will be the fastest way to resolve this. I’ll get it done and let you know here.

AWS and other variables related to infrastructure are usually hidden from the CB Dashboard for security and to discourage their use outside of production environment. Rest assured, they are still available to your app inside the production environment.

@awais.khan, thank you for your patience while I resolved this issue.

I’ve created the new stack in Bahrain for you, AWS_S3_CUSTOM_DOMAIN has been updated to point to the new stack.

Let me know if this is now working as expected.

Thank you very much @dmitrii.k for clarification and fixing the issue.

cc: @vlastimir

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you are always welcome, @awais.khan :raised_hands: