Deployment - Error building infrastructure

We have an app that is not generated by the CB platform. We are looking for assistance on changing the deployment configuration to be able to build for mobile platform.

AppID: 16455

Error building infrastructure:
b'\nError: Build failed
on line 63, in resource "heroku_build" "production":\n 63: resource 
"heroku_build" "production" {\n\n\n'

Hi @MichaelSamonte, thanks for posting!

I’ve fixed the TF error for you, but if you look at the latest build logs it looks like your project is missing several bits to be deployable.

To deploy the backend, please refer to this scaffold for your reference - GitHub - crowdbotics/django-scaffold: The Crowdbotics Django Scaffold.

For front-end reference, please refer to the following scaffold - GitHub - crowdbotics/react-native-scaffold: This is the core official scaffold for Crowdbotics React Native apps.