Deployment success does not appear

Priority: Normal
Request: Deployment of application successful does not appear
Project ID: syrin_17757
Project Link:
Staging Link:
Additional Info: Build of application message appeared and backend and API changes are reflecting. But the final build status for backend is failed and there is no activity log as to why it failed. So we can’t view the server logs. Please see attached screenshot.

Your app did deploy successfully. We’re investigating why the status wasn’t updated correctly. In the mean time I’ve fixed it for you. Server logs are now viewable.

@Crowdbotics_Dan @dmitrii.k any updates on this ?

We have deployed the project for the landing page this morning but none of the changes were reflected. Could you please check that as well.

There was no deploy today. The last deploy was yesterday.

oh sorry this is the other project we have with Marc.
could we check this project please

it says failed, but Marc says its not on his end.

we have the PR merged and deployed today, but nothing was reflected to the Landing page