Error in Recover password in Production


In dev/local environment Forget Password flow is working fine. However, in production we have an issue (Error 500) when submitting the user email to get the recovery mail (MyHelpa)-
. It could be a SendGrid configuration issue. Any help by looking at the logs?

cc @beatriz.ramirez @amador.jesus

Hi @jorge.m, thanks for posting!

The error is indeed related to SendGrid closing the connection unexpectedly. I suggest you check your code for instances of using sendgrid username + password, instead of an API key (username + password authentication was sunset by SendGrid recently and we’ve notified all PMs about it; but there are some apps that may have not been migrated in time).

Secondly, make sure that the sendgrid API keys you have set via CB Dashboard are active and have the necessary permissions, and that your SendGrid account hasn’t been flagged by SendGrid.

@dmitrii.k how can we check both (checking values of API keys in Production and check if account flagged)? Can you help here? These keys were generated months ago and provided by you. Thanks in advance

Hi @jorge.m,

SG does appear to have flagged the account. I advise you to follow the new procedure and get a SG account for the client using their email (or ask them for access to an existing one).