Error when trying to get credentials for Admin

I hijack the customer account using the email he is owner on.
I go to Settings
I click Create admin credentials
I get an error

Hi @alex.gacichevici0, thanks for posting!

It’s likely that engineers working on the app modified default user models in Django. Please ask them if that’s the case, and if so, ask them to make sure the customchangepassword command works with their changes (this command is part of your app’s repository). CB Dashboard relies on this command to manage admin passwords.

@dmitrii.k there was 0 commits pushed into that repository. Fresh new generated app. You can take a look by yourself Definitely there is issue with that, because this is third time this is happening (that I know), and every time there was no commits from developers end.

Hi Alex and Goran,

I’ve investigated this and found it was caused by improvements we made for newer projects. It looks like it’s not supporting older projects correctly.

I will update you when this is fixed.

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We’ve released a fix for this issue. Please try creating admin credentials again.