Filter issue with Shopify

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Filter issue with Shopify

Background : We had implemented Algolia to manage the filter and search, all was working as expected but only issue with SEO metatag, as Algolia hide those tag. To overcome that situation we build the custom solution

Comment from Developer for custom code
Filter is updating the default variable (content_for_header) of shopify. Actually we have used the default variable of shopify content_for_header to get the parameters from the url. We have passed the filter values through url. This is because by default shopify filters are based on tags. But in our site we also used the filters based on metefields. So we used to pass the filter values in url parameters on filter click and get them from url and filter that data accordingly. We have also contact the shopify support team regarding this issue. But they have not provided any solution to get url parameters.

Also tried other custom solution but it again create the same cache issue and have not updated the url. Shopify support team have sent us couple of forum links which we tried unfortunately they links not worked for us. Actually they provide the links which related to java scripts but this issue related to the shopify. Shopify by default creates the page url cache. There is no way in the shopify to fetch the url and used the url parameter.

We have found the one custom code and implement it but it is working fine with admin login because no cache created on admin login in the browser. They create issue without login. Now the only solution is that we use shopify filters app to implement the filters in proper way.

We have found the shopify app which creates the filter with metafields. Product Filter Search app. Kindly review and share your thoughts

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I need a little clarification, please, as it is not clear what problem you are facing or what your question is. We don’t need a long backstory – just your technical question.

Can you please re-ask your question in a concise manner?

@anand Actually I was creating custom filter for collection page in Shopify. Filter is updating the default variable (content_for_header) of shopify. As I used the default variable of Shopify ontent_for_header to get the URL parameters. As default filters are based on tags so I am passing the value of filter by using URL so now the issue is with the URL that URL is returning me the exact value which should be and it seems that it is a cache issues howeve I have used different solutions and even the solutions provided by Shopify support team so I would like to suggest that can we use a filter app which allow us to make both type of filters like based on tags and metafield.

Kindly suggest.

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A filter app sounds fine. Alternately @dmitrij can provide some ideas.

@ankit, thanks for posting.

It looks to me that the issue you’re having is related to the Shopify shop you have on the Shopify platform, and not to a Crowdbotics app, since your app hasn’t even been deployed yet. Or am I missing something?