Forget password for app not working properly

Priority: High
App ID: Oromic - 16548

Forgot password has a part missing, when the developer is sending email to reset, instead of sending email it just logs email content in the terminal (when test locally)

I believe the project might have gotten reset due to the subscription plan being changed from pro to community and then to pro again now

CC: @shahraizali

If you’re referring to a project created in CB this is intentional. Projects run locally in debug mode output all emails to the console. This is easier to test and debug with. Email is handled normally in production.

Hey @Crowdbotics_Dan! You are right that’s not the issue I understand that its impleted like that and is working on local. I just wanted from your end to verify that the email addon is added on heroku for this project.

Hi @shahraiz.ali and @saif.murtaza.

We do not provide SendGrid credentials anymore due to them blocking 50%+ of new add-on subscriptions (their new anti-spam sentry), and because it generally makes sense to have SendGrid set up with a custom domain and as an asset to the app owner. Please refer to How Do we enable Sendgrid for Client Account - #2 by dmitrii.k comment for more information (and instructions on what to do).

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