Haste Module collision in a brand new project

App Id: 25371

[1mjest-haste-map: Haste module naming collision: @modules/mapse[m
e[1m The following files share their name; please adjust your hasteImpl:e[m
e[1m * /src/features/Maps222173/package.jsone[m
e[1m * /src/features/Maps222178/package.jsone[m

Looks like the Github repo isn’t updated to the current story board

Hi, Barun!
It seems that your app has more than one “Maps” module. Ideally, we recommend having only one module of each type installed. Each package.json file within a project has to have an unique name.
As a workaround, what you could do is open one of the referenced files in the error (either /src/features/Maps222173/package.json or /src/features/Maps222178/package.json) and update their package name to something different than '“name”: “@modules/maps”. Maybe ‘“name”: “@modules/maps2”’.