Heroku deployment error

When deploying I get a name taken error:

Error building infrastructure:
b’\nError: Post “https://api.heroku.com/teams/apps”: Name application-25308-prod is already taken\n\n on env_prod.tf line 1, in resource “heroku_app” “production”:\n 1: resource “heroku_app” “production” {\n\n\n’

I’ve fixed your app’s status. You should now be able to deploy it.

It happened with foooooooood-25357-prod to. Why does it delete the connectors from the template when it deplo it?

Hi @grumpypjs8, thanks for posting. I’ve fixed foooooooood-25357-prod for you.

Could you please clarify what you mean by deleting connectors from the template? It’s also probably a good idea to create a new thread for that.