Heroku deployment - No web processes running

Hello everyone,

I have deployed successfully the project on Heroku, but I am getting the following errors:

Nov 23 08:53:49heroku/routerat=error code=H14 desc=“No web processes running” method=GET path="/favicon.ico" host=snak-snak-16642.botics.co request_id=ad419696-10a0-42fc-a1fb-8e21259401bf fwd=“” dyno= connect= service= status=503 bytes= protocol=https

Does anyone know how to solve this, because I can’t access directly from terminal Heroku instance to enable web process.

Thank you,

Please add curl to Dockerfile and try deploying again. This will allow us to see the build error log.

You can do this by adding curl to line 10 of backend/Dockerfile like this: && apt-get install -y python3.7-dev python3-pip libpq-dev curl \

Now I am getting this: https://release-output.heroku.com/streams/fa/fa29e10e-17f0-4166-ba50-6cb465335c65/logs/4f/4f4b0e41-e354-49eb-a716-197434c33581.log?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAIO4SD3DCRO7W6IJQ&Signature=MIBjKxu9%2FdvcaLZZljAIS7paFzg%3D&Expires=1607451798

Please change line 16 from backend/Dockerfile to RUN pip3 install --no-cache-dir -q 'pipenv==2018.11.26' && pipenv install --deploy --system. I believe this error is caused by the latest version of pipenv having bugs.