How can I create an phone apps with no-code

Yo guys, tell me, I heard somewhere that you can create applications for business but code? What is it, how is it?

Hi there, @laxesit173!

That’s correct! At Crowdbotics, we offer businesses and individuals alike the option to build full-scale applications using a visual editor that can be directly accessed from within our App Dashboard. With Crowdbotics’ Visual Editor, users are able to utilize drag-and-drop tooling to customize the appearance, location, and content of elements in their app’s user interface. And the best part? That visual editor generates real code! :tada:

There are many different kinds of low/no-code development tools out there, but there are a few things that make Crowdbotics unique in this space. One thing that differentiates us from other ‘no-code’ platforms is that Crowdbotics isn’t really ‘low’ code. It’s ‘full’ code in that when you build with Crowdbotics, you generate full React Native and Django code and have the keys to the repository.

The customization options for Crowdbotics apps are limitless as well, which makes it possible to build more powerful business applications than other low-code tools where your application is limited to the capabilities of a specific platform.

If you’re interested in learning more about how your business can leverage low-code and no-code tools, I’d recommend checking out some of the following articles:

If you would like to get a better idea of how much your app would cost to produce based on the features you’d like it to have, check out our Estimate page!

Let me know if you have any further questions—we’re always here to help. :slight_smile:

Happy building!