How do I regain access to the Git repo on our app?

We suddenly can’t access the github repo for this project. Can’t remove us and re-add on the CB dashboard team members (returning an error). Why did that happen?

This happened because the app was put to sleep - maybe because the payment failed (on Aug 16). You should be able to redeploy the app from the dashboard and things will be back to normal.

Hi @charath I did re-deploy - backend is successful except for ios and android. But still no access to github repo. Do we need to have all 3 to be successful? or we need someone to re-invite us to the repo? Thanks

update: android and ios suddenly changed to success after refreshing the page - but still no access to github repo

Hi, this is still not yet resolved. We still don’t have access to the github repo and no tracking code.

Would it be possible to just manually invite us to the github repo for the mean time?