How do I reset the admin password on my app?

We cannot reset admin portal password, and see an unusual error message. What is the cause?

Hi Ramzi – is the app deployed? That’s the most common reason you wouldn’t be able to change an admin password. (We’ll update that error message so it’s more informative.)

Hi @anand
Backend deployed
IOS and Android shows failed

Same issue here on truthit-16504 and I see Success on status page.

Team is investigating. Stand by.

@ramzi This is a result of customizations you made to your app, which is why you get an uninformative error message.

In your app, looks like you are updating Firebase with user info on save. The error is because of the display_name field on firebase. You are passing the full_name of the user to that field, which is required and doesn’t accept empty string, whereas for your superuser, the full_name field is empty. If you update the superuser name, then it will work fine.

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thanks @saurav I asked my engineering team to fix it and then we will redeploy and try to generate again the admin panel password.

@saurav is that field available in Authentication ? I didn’t find it any where.

The display_name error has been fixed but unfortunately we are unable to reset the password.

@anand @saurav
The team as mentioned above fixed the point requested, however,

  1. I still cannot reset password of the admin panel, it give same error and the client is blocked due to that as he needs to test the admin panel.
  2. status still shows android and ios failed. maybe can you help the engineer telling them how to check the error and where so they know what to fix.
  3. if android and ios has error, why i cannot reset admin panel password, as we need to login to admin panel.

@ramzi user can test it in the local as well. Basically, ask them to run this command, python3 createsuperuserauto --username <username> --password <password> --email <email> . This one creat a superuser with the provided, username, password and email. Then reset password with this command python3 customchangepassword --username <username> --password <password>. This one is for changing the password the provided username with password. Make sure these two don’t fail.

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@mughal.amir @imtiaz.uzair please check above ^^

@saurav can we check the error in android and IOS build why deployment is failed ?

@mughal.amir You can see ios/android build failure log in the activity log on dashboard.

if we will review those logs, not getting any proper idea what’s going wrong with them.

@mughal.amir can you try deploying again, we have recently updated to show build failure log on the dashboard. You should be able to figure out what’s goin on then.

HI I just try to deploy gain still got same thing.