How Do we enable Sendgrid for Client Account

Priority: High
Request: How do we enable Sendgrid for client Account
Project ID: performit_15391
Project Link: How we can Authenticate Domain for SendGrid?

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@umer.siddiq, thanks for writing in!

The provided SendGrid add-on will not be suitable for this. In this case (and generally advised now) you should ask the client if they already have a SendGrid (or any other e-mail service, e.g. Mailgun, MailChimp, SendInBlue, etc.) account. If they do, use it and ask them to verify the domain (if they haven’t already); if they don’t - set it up for them using an e-mail address they provide and share the credentials with them. I recommend you ask your PM to assist with this.

An e-mail service with an authenticated domain is associated with a certain trust score and is an asset to your client’s business, which is why we recommend using their existing or setting up a new dedicated account for the client that may be used beyond the purposes of their CB apps.

so we requested the client to create an account on sendgrid and he gave us the credential @dmitrii.k

@ramzi, please have the client (or do it yourself if you have access to the DNS settings) follow this guide to get the domain authenticated with SendGrid.