How long does a deploy take?

When I click on “Deploy your app” an item gets added to the Activity log saying app deployment has started, but nothing happens. What’s supposed to happen when I do this?

Hi Marnus,

Thanks for your question! App deployment can takes 3-5 minutes for the first time, as we’re provisioning a brand new server instance and database, setting up Terraform and cloud configuration files, and sending the generated code up to your chosen hosting environment (by default, that’s Heroku for Django/Node/RN-Expo backends and Google Firebase for RN-Firebase backends).

Come back to the page after a few minutes. You’ll have a link to your deployed app! Subsequent deploys should go a lot faster.

Hi Anand, thanks for the feedback. I ran Deploy for the first time three days ago and there was nothing when I went back to the site yesterday. I’ve tried again yesterday and still no luck…

Hey Marnus – what’s the URL of your app? We’ll take a look to see if we can help you sort out the problem. Deploys should all complete in under 5 minutes, and they’ll report an error in the activity feed if (for instance) there was something nonstandard in your Github repo.

Hey @anand - I’m having a similar issue, it’s been >5 minutes since I first attempted to deploy an application, but I’m not seeing any logging to help debug the issue. Is there a way for me to get the logs?

Sure. Can you send me a link to the app so I can access it? The “share” button will generate a link, or you can just paste the URL up top.

Hi Anand, I think it may just be better if I consider using your services to get my app developed. If I have a spec (below), would it be the $199 per month package?

Hey! I’d love to chat more about your spec and pricing. Shoot me an email at and we can find time to talk.