How to Know Which Features You Should (and Shouldn't) Include in Your MVP

An MVP is a preliminary version of your product that you can test in the market. Releasing an MVP enables you to validate product assumptions and study your users’ reactions to your product’s features.

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What are some of the cost and time expensive features that should not be considered at the MVP stage?

Why consider building an MVP and what are its advantages?

@amanmittal: You should consider building an MVP to prove out your concept and avoid spending money you otherwise may not need to spend.

For example, say you spend $75,000 building a full featured amazing app that accomplishes your originally goal and many other things. You may find in several months in the market, your customers are not using these features; so you may have spent money where it didn’t need to be spent. This preserves your capital to later on improve features your customers are asking for.

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