How to Vet White Label Apps on Behalf of Clients

A white label application is a service that is fairly common for mobile app development companies. It is a common approach for development agencies to choose to purchase a white-label app development from other teams, rebrand it, add custom content to that application according to a client's requirements and needs, and then deliver them to their clients.

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How should we decide if a white label option is better than a custom built app?

What are some of the most common apps that are available as white labels?

Hi @nakul.shah

There are different factors involve in deciding that if purchasing a white label app option is better than a customized app. Some of these factors are:

  • Using open-source technology stacks rather than proprietary ones.
  • Keeping costs in check. Software production costs can mount unpredictably during the development phase by adding functionalities and more features to an app.
  • Faster product delivery

Some of the common examples of white label apps are:

  • Mobile apps
  • Social Media Management Software
  • Email Marketing software

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