How will we get the SENDGRID and AWS S3 credentials?

Priority: medium
Request: How will we get the SENDGRID and AWS S3 credentials?
Project ID: mvp-18769-38bdf976 (activity code)
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Additional Info: We need to create an account for sending e-mails about registration; who completes the registration process of SENDGRID?
Also, (not really sure whos responsibility) but we need AWS S3 bucket to store user content like profile picture, sound records; who can share the credentials of it?

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Hello, thanks for writing in. I’ll be happy to provide these for your app shortly.

Please run your first deploy - this is required for me to be able to activate these add-ons for you.

Hey Dmitrii,

Can you please try it again, it seems that build&deploy succeed; you should be good to go

Thanks for doing that. I’ve activated the SendGrid add-on for your app. SENDGRID_API_KEY was added to your production environment. Please follow this guide to set up e-mail sending with SendGrid -

Please stand by for S3.

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I’ve created a dedicated S3 bucket for your app and have configured your app to access it. The following variables were added to your app’s production environment:


Let us know if you require anything else and have a great day!

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Thank you so much, Dmitrii :slight_smile:

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