Issue with sending email with Sendgrid

Issue: I setup new Sendgrid account. Add api keys to On my local setup all works fine. But on server emails not sending to sendgrid. Can somebody help me with this?

@dmitrii.k in this project we had sendgrid with the previous PM and after he left sendgrid stopped and we didn’t have access to the account. so we created a new one, and Bohdan above mentioned his steps done so if you can please guide him what is still required so we can fix the issue.


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@bohdan.tyskaniuk, thanks for posting!

You can add the keys as environment variables by going to the CB Dashboard > Settings > Environment Variables. Once this is done, your should pick them up from the environment.

I encourage you to avoid using SendGrid locally.

@dmitrii.k Thank you for help! Issue is resolved!

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You are always welcome, @bohdan.tyskaniuk.

Happy coding!