Kindly add S3 Addon for 'savinraven-16080' project

Priority: medium
Request: Kindly add S3 Addon for ‘savinraven-16080’ project
Project ID: savinraven-16080
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The client needs a feature for users to be able to add a profile picture. Since Heroku doesn’t store media files we would probably need S3 but we only need S3 for just this profile picture no other requirements to move to S3. let me know what’s the procedure on this minimal requirement. If the standard procedure is to use S3 then kindly add the s3 addon and I’ll configure the code accordingly.

Thank you

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Thanks for writing in. S3 is indeed the standard solution for uploading and serving files in such cases. I’ll enable S3 for this app and post details in this thread shortly.

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I’ve created a dedicated S3 bucket for your app and have configured your app to access it. The following variables were added to your app’s production environment:


Let us know if you require anything else and have a great day!

Awesome! Thats it for now. Thank you So much!

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You are always welcome