Model Builder didn't save my models

I have a problem, I was working on the model builder, creating different ones to show the client how our tool works and I clicked on Save , showed me this error (screenshot attached) and erased all the models I created. Do you know what’s the cause of this bug?

Please update your psycopg2 version to 2.8.6.

You can do so by bumping its version in the backend/Pipfile file and running pipenv install.

@danielsousaio I just had the same error happen to me (app 23872 - deleted my newly added models), but it appears to be related to rather than pipenv.

Can you please help me fix this?

Hey there @john,

I looked into the issue you described above. You named one of the model’s apps a Python reserved name - “profile”.

CommandError: 'profile' conflicts with the name of an existing Python module and cannot be used as an app name. Please try another name.

Could you please give it another try with a different name in this field?