Move backend code from private repo to crowdbotics app repo

Priority: High
Project: 22526

Deploy App doesn’t do any changes on the backend app. Also Logs not available.

Deploy app only deploys from master. Do you have changes in master?

Yes, I have changes in master. Also another issue, the pull requests are not appearing on the app CB dashboard. Commits take like 20 minutes to appear on the CB dashboard

I’ve investigated this Heroku app. The latest build was successful. Builds from earlier in the day failed from what seems to have been an issue with pypi that is outside our control.

@dmitrii.k Can you fix the papertrail keys so they can view logs?

@p8ul, the release log also shows that you have model changes that don’t have associated migrations.

If you want to ensure that your production builds and releases, the best way to do that is to use Docker Compose locally. You’ve got the docker-compose files as well as associated walkthrough in your project’s README.

@Crowdbotics_Dan, thanks, I will be happy to.

@p8ul, I’ve synchronised the CB Dashboard with your deployment. It’s now showing the successful deployment of the backend, but that release command still needs the migrations from you.

The logs are showing up again as well.

Thank you @dmitrii.k. Running docker-compose helped replicate issues that ./ runserver was not catching locally.

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