Multiple projects are failing to deploy without error logs


Following projects are failing to deploy and I do not have any error logs to debug.
Can you please help?

Project IDs:

cc @dmitrii.k @Crowdbotics_Dan

With 16151 the error is in your activity logs. Please view it there and update accordingly. It also looks like Stripe config was added with invalid defaults. They should be empty strings like other config vars.

19770 is deploying successfully but the status isn’t being updated. I manually fixed it for you. Let us know if this happens again.

@Crowdbotics_Dan something is still buggy with 16151 deployment. I have tried to deploy today, I get success on build but status is Failed. Also changes are not reflecting on the app.

Your Stripe config is still wrong.

SystemCheckError: System check identified some issues:
?: (djstripe.C003) Bad Stripe test API key.
	HINT: STRIPE_TEST_SECRET_KEY should start with "sk_test_"