Need GH repo access

Request:Need to be assigned owner of repo so I can allow developer access
Project Link:
Additional Info:

@shannon.davis, welcome to the forums and thanks for writing in!

Please use the Share button in Project Settings on Crowdbotics Dashboard to invite developers into the project. Once they visit the shared link they’ll be able to access the repo. Mind that they’ll need to authorize their GitHub on their Profile page in order for the Dashboard to send them invitation to the repository.

@dmitrii.k We have done this and removed him from the project and readded him back and he is still unable to push to GH

@shannon.davis, please try to take the following steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Remove him from the project
  2. Ask him to remove existing GitHub connection from his profile
  3. Ask him to add the GitHub connection to his profile again
  4. Add him to the project
  5. He needs to click the View Code link on project settings page and accept the invitation.

Let me know if this resolves your issue.

@dmitrii.k We have done this a few times over the weekend and he still has no write access

@shannon.davis, thanks for clarifying. Our repos are configured with no write access by default, you have to create a PR in order to commit to master. If that doesn’t work for you, I can lift the restriction and allow direct commits to master.

Your developers should still be able to create branches other than master though.

From your team page I can also see that only you and Umair Ali have GitHub connected.

@dmitrii.k This is what we get

Someone needs to review the PR. You can do it – just click into the review tab and approve it (or ask for changes).