Need help setting up celery for our project

Priority: Normal
Request: Setting up a dyno for celery in our project
Project ID: global_news_app_18666
Project Link:
Staging Link:
Additional Info: heroku.yml is already setup to use celery

cc: @dmitrii.k @dilara

@mcruspero, this requires to run additional dynos, which is a paid upgrade, please talk to your PM or account manager.

@dmitrii.k where can I find the upgrade options and what should I search for could you assist me ? so I can mention this to the client.

Hi @dilara, we discussed requirements for additional dynos in another thread just recently, where @anand mentioned they were a pass-through expense, meaning $25 a month for each standard dyno. Perhaps he could confirm this here.

@anand how do we communicate this to the client, that we will need this additional 25$/month, as they are paying monthly subcription. How should we handle it?