Need help with making CI work for auto android/iOS builds

Project id: 21480

The project was generated automatically but then later on the CI/CD was removed for some reason. the backend is not with us so that folder was removed as well. Now we want to add the CI/CD. need help with this.

I have added these files:

got them from earlier commits from when they were removed.

Thank You

cc: @mahbubur

Thanks @shahraiz.ali . @dmitrii.k @Crowdbotics_Dan any help here please?

Hi Shahraiz,

You also need to add back the fastlane directories under android and ios.

those directories are already there!

Can you try deploying again? I changed a setting that may fix it.

sure, just did will update you with the results.

unfortunately, same error!

@shahraizali Mobile builds are now running correctly but the backend is still not deploying.

@dmitrii.k Can you take a look at this when you have a chance? It’s acting like it has data for an existing Heroku app but the platform record is clear, there’s no Heroku app, and there isn’t a terraform file on S3. I don’t know where the error is coming from.

hey @Crowdbotics_Dan ! Thank you for looking into this. the backend is not with us probably that’s why backend is not deploying. so the client had their own backend we only want apps to be built automatically primarily android apks.

@shahraizali, thanks for writing in.
The app needs some synchronisation with the CB Dashboard in order for the backend deploys to work, since you’d taken out some configuration files before. I’ll get this done for you.

Could you please clarify if the backend is going to be part of this repository, or not?

Thank you so much for taking the time to look into this. The backend will not be part of this project.

You are always welcome, @shahraiz.ali!

The backend failed with the following message:

=== Fetching app code.....

=!= There were problems parsing your heroku.yml. We've detected the following issues:

build.docker.web references a Dockerfile that does not exist

you can view it on your CB Dashboard.

@Crowdbotics_Dan should we disable backend deployments for this app?

Yes please, stop deployments for backend.