No access to Github repo

Project id: winter-field-24567-fbbf3d79
I am getting 404 when I click on view code option through the dashboard of the app. I tried to revoke myself from the project and again added myself through the app share link but of no success. Please help me resolve this issue.


Check that your Github account is connected to your Crowdbotics account, then repeat those steps.

Hi @anand thanks for the reply. It is actually connected. Screenshot from 2021-03-15 17-50-58
Should I revoke the access and try again?
I could confirm that I have access to other project repos.

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@naveen.vasudevan, thanks for posting!

Please follow these steps:

  1. revoke your GitHub access from your profile.
  2. Connect it again
  3. Use the share link to the project again
  4. Open repo link. If it returns 404, try appending /invitations to the URL.

I tried it exactly the way you described, but still got 404, even after appending /invitations to the url…attached the screenshot.

I did change the app name in the dashboard, does it have any affect?