No access to Heroku server logs

Priority: High
Request: Want to see the server logs so I can debug the issue we are facing during testing. Also need to delete DEBUG env variable.
Project ID: hseq-12809
Project Link:

and deployment is failing we are unable to fix it for your support please

Hi @bohdan.tyskaniuk, welcome to the forums!

It looks like your latest build is deployed, @ramzi.

I’ve refreshed your project for the CB Dashboard. Your server logs will now show up correctly on the Status Page under Server Logs tab.

You can change the value of the DEBUG environment variable on the Settings Page, under Environment Variables tab in your CB Dashboard. Since you have a staging server set up, I advise you to never enable the DEBUG variable in production.

I also encourage you to follow the README in your project and develop using the Docker and Docker Compose configurations included in your project. This ensures you have a local environment and build that are identical to staging and production, allowing you to debug locally without pushing broken code to production; as well as making sure that if your build works locally in Docker Compose it will in production.

Happy coding!

thanks @dmitrii.k for the support

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You are always welcome, @ramzi! :raised_hands: