OCR advice for a new app?

We have a really computational-heavy project using CV and OCR.

  1. We need to identify a previous app similar to this one (related to OCR, Open CV, or Computation Heavy Tasks) to see what the standard module is that’s used here.
  2. We need this to see how the OCR part was solved on other apps, also. Is there a recommended OCR tool?
  3. We need to understand how the database is structured on Crowdbotics apps.
  4. We also need help with the tech stack on this app. What is standard?
    @evan @naveen.vasudevan

This sounds like a RADStack build; the default database here on Crowdbotics apps is PostgreSQL. However, if you use Model Builder you won’t have any problem with setting this up as it’s provisioned automatically with the right schema. Click on “data models” to access it.

The Google Cloud Vision API (Detect text in images  |  Cloud Vision API  |  Google Cloud) is standard here at Crowdbotics for most OCR tasks and inexpensive to run; you can save the Connector that you set up if you don’t find one already built in our module library.