Payment screen/mobile UI/React Native

I’m working on a project that has Braintree payment processing integrated.

When I open the payment section where I should place credit card details it shows up as desktop preview (web view).

It is a FE/ReactNative, BE/Django project.

Screenshot of the app - desktop view/webview

As you can see it shows in web view, which is an issue as this is a mobile app and we need a mobile UI for this screen.

It is a desktop preview inside the app, what would be a solution to preview this page like a mobile version?

I would appreciate help on this one.

I did a research and from my understanding, this mobile UI preview is something that we can achieve.

This link shows step by step guide.

In this case, is the drop-in link Drop-in UI | Braintree Payments If they don’t officially support react-native, there can be workarounds or third-party libraries. I found a couple, but not sure if they’re credible:
GitHub - wgltony/react-native-braintree-dropin-ui: React Native integration of Braintree Drop-in for IOS & ANDROID (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal, Venmo, Credit Card)
GitHub - bamlab/react-native-braintree-payments-drop-in: React Native integration of Braintree Drop-in

If it’s a rare scenario, where there are no workarounds either, there’s always the option to create custom UI: Custom UI | Braintree Payments

The final solution may require more effort than a simple “drop-in” solution, but should most definitely be doable. Just saying this from my experience so far with other payment gateways and a few searches now - I could be wrong.

Also, there’s this responsive UI sample (example from their official docs):

We tried everything from links in this post and nothing is working, according to the developer from this project.