React native web deployment and access

Greetings, we have deployed a hybrid project (id: 24258) using react-native-web and we are wondering how to make available the web version for it. The command we use to run the web project is: yarn run web, using react-scripts.

How do we activate/access the web version?

Working good with react-scripts and this configuration:
Added to the package.json in the “scripts” section:
“web”: “react-scripts start”,
“build”: “react-scripts build && rm -rf backend/rnweb && mv build backend/rnweb”

Now I use there commands:
yarn web: to run the project dev mode
yarn build: to build project and send production files to the backend’s subfolder

Then the backend can publish that folder

Hi @jesus.v.griffith, thanks for writing in!

The building should take place in your Dockerfile before the call to collectstatic, so Django can collect the built files and serve them.

There are many resources online on how to wire React + Django in Docker; there are also similar threads on this forum - I encourage you to search for them.

Hi @dimirii.k, thank you, I will look into it

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