Redis config for our app

Project id: fragrant-cherry-24570-2c7bf74e
Could you please setup redis config i.e REDIS_URL and REDIS_TLS_URL for our app?

Hi @naveen.vasudevan, thanks for writing in!

Redis is enabled by default for all new apps. Let me know if you need anything else.

Happy coding! :raised_hands:

HI @dmitrii.k thanks for the quick reply. I dont see that in the dashboard → settings → environment variables, is it normal or am I missing something?

It’s quite normal, @naveen.vasudevan - variables containing access keys to infrastructure provided by CB are usually hidden from the dashboard. They are available to your app.

Ok, thanks @dmitrii.k I thought REDIS urls are visible just as AWS configs are, but thanks for the prompt help :slight_smile: