SendGrid keys needed

Priority: Medium
Request: We need SendGrid keys on truthit-16504 in Prod and Staging. Can you configure and provide values?
Project ID: truthit-16504
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cc @sandesh.vakale @mayankkushal

Hi @jorge.m, thanks for writing in!

We don’ provide SendGrid integration anymore. We consider this to be an asset to the client and think it’s attributive to their business to have their own account under their control.

Please ask the client if they have got an account with an e-mail service already (SendGrid, Mailgun, SendInBlue, etc.) and, if they do - use that. If they don’t, ask them to set it up or offer to do it for them.

It’ll also be helpful to verify client’s domains on that account in order to enable full production grade functionality.

Checking old threads I saw that this project had SendGrid integration up and running. Somehow the API keys are not among the env variables in PROD. However they might be on staging configured. Can you have a look there? If we manage to get them back on Production I hope we don’t need the hassle of making the client to create an account

That’s correct, this app has the integration configured already.

You won’t see those variables on CB Dashboard, but they are present both in staging and production environments.

The thing is that emails were being sent but now the app is not sending anymore. Can you check if there is something wrong in the app in SendGrid?

@jorge.m, both integrations seem to be fine (no bans). if you could list a couple of timestamps when the e-mails were supposed to be sent I can check the logs for you. Have you also tried looking at the app logs on CB Dashboard to figure out what went wrong?

@dmitrii.k 3:59 PM UTC I did a sign up that should have sent an email. Can you check the logs?
cc @mayankkushal

@jorge.m, thanks. There are no errors in logs, but I noticed that the message was dropped by SendGrid because you haven’t specified the from field. Can you please check and see if that is the issue?

It looks like your DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL global variable references the EMAIL_HOST_USER environment variable as its default value, which doesn’t contain a valid e-mail address.