Set client as admin or owner to set Google Pay live

Priority: High
Request: To go live with Google Pay on the app we need to we need the client to go over Google Pay verification process. In order to do that, the client should have control over the app, as owner user, or admin. Can we proceed to set his user as admin or transfer ownership (preferably) of Undercard app?
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@charath any help here please? :pray:

I would prefer that we transfer ownership of the application. @anand any alternative suggestions?

@charath @anand can we go ahead with the app transfer ownership? We are following the same to go live with Apple Pay for the same client.

@charath @anand client would like to proceed asap with the ownership transfer. Is there anything I need to do priorly or we can proceed? Thanks in advance

@anand @igor.r @charath Any answer on the above? I have an client eagerly waiting for feedback/resolution on this. The Google account to be transfered to is

@jorge.m we can not deploy paid apps to our account. So, your client needs to set up Apple/Google accounts and there are two ways to handle the transfer. If there are some actual users/users’ data in there - we need to transfer both apps
However, I don’t think it’s the case, so you can just let your developer build an apk for you and upload it to PlayStore and have your developer deploy the iOS build to client’s account (they will need an Enterprise account for that).

Here’s an actual guide on transferring iOS apps - Transfer your app to another iOS Developer Account – AppMachine Help Center

Thanks @igor.r it seems that the pre-requirements are met in both Google and Apple. What we would need for now is to initiate the ownership transfer on Google Play only (Apple is on hold until latest release gets approval). The transaction ID of the target developer account is DS.5651-7062-5588-26769. As per the sources below it seems we are good to go @anand @igor.r @charath can we proceed? :pray:

Transfer apps to a different developer account - Play Console Help

@charath I got @anand approval to proceed with app transfer on Google Play. And here is the transaction ID of the target developer account. Can you proceed or you need anything else from me?