Setup s3 for this project

Priority: Normal
Request: Hi, can anyone setup s3 for this project. Thanks
Project ID: river-city-saloon-16151

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Hi @rsaavedra! Thanks for writing in. I’ll be happy to provide S3 for this project. I’ll share integration details in a short while.

I’ve configured S3 storage for your project.

Please use the following environment variables in order to configure the S3-based storage:


Let me know if there is anything else I might help you with.

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hi @dmitrii.k,

i’m getting a 403 (Forbidden) when the server access the static files in s3? is this a permission error or I missed something on my settings. Can you check? thanks

I’ve checked your setup - all seems to be in order. And your bucket is empty, btw.

We suggest using the S3 for uploaded media and use the standard file storage for static files.

If you provide a little bit of context, e.g. a log of an error you are getting, your configuration, etc., perhaps then I could be of more help.

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