Setup s3 on our project

Priority: Normal
Request: Can anyone setup s3 for this project, thanks
Project ID: vrsus-16889-1b142d1f

hi, still waiting for this to be completed. Thanks!

Hi @rsaavedra, apologies for the delayed response!

I’ll be happy to configure this for you - stand by for confirmation.

@rsaavedra, I’ve set up S3 for your app. The following variables are now available in its environment:


Hi @dmitrii.k, i’m getting a AccessDenied when I access the s3 urls. Can you check? thanks

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@rsaavedra, please make sure you’re only using the S3 for Uploaded Media, and not the static files. Also, check the permissions you set individually for each file you upload. The bucket is set up to allow public files but if your library sets private permissions on an individual file level you’ll get Access Denied when you try to access them.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with or if these tips don’t yield a solution.

The uploaded media is the one returning a access denied, here’s a sample url:

All my settings are already correct tho so i’m not really sure :thinking:

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Hi @rsaavedra, I’ve checked your S3 configuration and object permissions on that image, screenshots attached.

Try explicitly setting read permissions for public in your S3 Boto configuration.

Hi dmitri, i’m actually using the same setup on my other apps for s3 and I don’t really have any problem on those.

the AWS_DEFAULT_ACL is set to public-read but still i’m getting a AccessDenied

@rsaavedra, the screenshot clearly shows the public read permission isn’t set on that object. I tried setting it manually using the console just now and am now able to access it here -

I’ve checked other uploaded objects in your bucket and they all seem to lack public read permission.

Please re-check your configuration and try re-uploading some objects.

I figured it out now. The django-storages version that i’m using on this app is 1.10 (latest version) which has breaking changes. The acl settings that i’m using was deprecated already.

Anyway, thanks @dmitrii.k for the help.

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Good find, @rsaavedra! I’m glad I could be of help.

Let us know if there is anything else you might need help with.

Happy coding!