Tasker - An errand app



Tasker to lets the most pre-occupied people do the dirty work such as but not limited to house chores, running errands and repairs for a reasonable price. While at the same time, Tasker provides an avenue for those who are seeking to earn a little extra income by doing these kind of jobs.

You can test and try out the Tasker app here.

Here’s how the app works:

When using the platform, one should sign up either as a Tasker or a Customer. One cannot be both user type.

First, a customer creates a task where he can specify the category, address, date and time to start, cost, todo list and notes in which taskers will be applying to.

Once a task is created, it is then listed as an available job wherein taskers can apply to. A tasker can then apply to an available job by clicking the apply button. A tasker can also filter the tasks by its category for an easier job search.


A customer can then select from the list of applicants which a pop-up will appear with the basic information of the tasker. Customer can also navigate to their profile page so that their complete details, overall rating and reviews given by other customer can be seen. Once the customer finds the applicant which he thinks is the best for the job he can then accept that tasker.

A tasker can check in their list of tasks if there are any customer who approved his application and can update the tasks status to in progress once it has been started.

Once the payment and task has been fulfilled, the tasker can then set the task as Done

Once a job is done, both tasker and customer can now rate each other for purposes of verifying whether the job has been done properly by the tasker and or if the customer was impartial in rating and compensating the tasker.


Tasker was built using Python/Django for the backend and Bootstrap4 for the frontend. This utilizes Django’s class-based views and follows the PEP8 style guide. This app was only done within 3 days in which only the core functions were created where customers can request for tasks and taskers can apply and update their customer of their tasks. Ideally, taskers can find available jobs within a map and pay through the app itself.


Hi, good job on your app.

I created an account and posted a task and everything goes well. I have only one question, I may not have understood correctly but I found a strange behavior. When I’m not logged, I can see a “Search” button, and if I click at this button I’m redirected to the login page. This seems correct, but when I’m logged this button doesn’t appear anymore, so I don’t find any way to see the tasks created by the other users.


Hi @igor. Thank you for checking out the app.

The reason for that is because the search button should be only for tasker users. But I forgot to add the logic and should remove the button if there’s no user logged in. I will fix and update this.


@igor Just fixed the bug :smiley:


I added a task as a customer, then created a new account to apply for it.

But it’s gone. Where it went? :smile:

By the way awesome job with the app, you made a small upwork.

Now you just need to add few features and we will be competing to upwork. :rofl::joy:


@gaurav Thank for trying out the app. And hopefully beat upwork so we don’t have to deal with their very high service fee :joy:

But anyway, for your question, customer has to accept a tasker to do the task then it will show up in the tasker’s list of tasks.