Unable to create a custom screen with App Builder

I am having a problem with the Visual Editor > Design tab. I am trying to create a custom screen that has a header image, I’ve uploaded my own image as an asset and after setting up the layout properties and selecting the image, I am unable to save the changes.

I checked out the logs and it says error updating code. May be its related to the GitHub?

Screenshot 2020-09-07 at 2.20.15 PM

Try creating this with a new screen (or in a new app). The error should go away.

I’ve created using a new screen, I’ll try to create a new app. Thank you.

I tried creating a new app and have a period of time to save the contents of the app on the visual dashboard. It’s just not the image, but other components like checkbox are also not getting save and the error I am getting is similar to the previous one.
Here is what I tried creating this time:

I gave it some gap of some amount of time (between creating a the blank screen and then saving the layout).

Screenshot 2020-09-10 at 16.10.41

Thanks for reporting @amanmittal. We’ve pinpointed the issue and are deploying a fix.

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